Why Node.Js Is a Good Choice For Web Applications

December 18, 2017

Node.js has quickly become a hit among the developers. Written in JavaScript, it is an open-source run-time environment enabling development of real-time applications. Node.js comes equipped with a host of features that make it a top choice for developing dynamic web applications.


Effectively employing JavaScript, it enables the developers to develop powerful web servers and networking tools. Furthermore, an application developed using it are equipped to run on the most of the platforms including Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Unix.

Besides the plethora of benefits it offers, Node.js comes with a multitude of effective solutions that make it the top choice for the development of effective Node js web applications. Here are a few of the reason that makes Node.js the best of the lot:

It’s quick
Node.js has Google’s V8 engine that is also used in the Chrome browser. Written using JavaScript, it facilitates quicker execution of the codes of the program thereby increasing the execution speed of the framework. A developer has to only ensure that the program has been coded correctly and Node.js will take care of the rest.

Improved Sharing
NPM or Node Package Manager allows easy sharing and has a repository of more than 50,000 packages. The inbuilt NPM allows the developers to easily build effective functionalities including code reuse, application update and sharing of resources. This makes Node.js a robust and feature-rich solution.

Great For Real-Time Applications
Be it chat applications or games, Node.js is great for building real-time web applications. Besides this, it is also a good fit for applications that require an event-based server or non-blocking driven servers. No wonder many popular platforms such as LinkedIn, PayPal, Walmart and eBay have been build using Node.js

Data Streaming
Often HTTP requests and its response is handled as isolated events whereas in reality they are data streaming actions. Node.js allows quicker streaming of data that can be used to integrate features to allow processing of files even when they are being uploaded. This will reduce the total time taken to complete processes such as real-time audio or video encoding.

Single Codebase
Developers are now able to write JavaScript coding for client-side as well as server-side. This allows for easy and time-effective exchange as well as synchronization of data between client and server.

This game-changing platform despite its multitude of benefits is still in its nascent stage. Its widening popularity and a multitude of effective features can help web development businesses gain an edge over their competitors.

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